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The great wines of Piedmont

Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Asti, Ghemme, Gattinara and much more. From the 'Grandi delle Langhe' to the best of Monferrato and Alto Piemonte. Discover the surprising wine architectures and taste some of the most prestigious wines in the world.

Truffle hunt

How is the truffle born, how does it grow and mature? What are the most suitable soils? How is it consumed? Follow the 'trifolao' and their inseparable 'tabui' in the exciting search in the woods and discover all the secrets of the precious underground mushroom.

At table with the 'trifolao'

Truffle, Truffle... and again Truffle! Experience the unique emotion of a special lunch or dinner with the 'trifolao' in the heart of the woods or in the intimate atmosphere of the 'trifolao' house.


Trekking tours

Walking lets you discover a unique and wonderful land, with its enchanting and uninterrupted landscape, where your gaze sweeps from the vineyards planted as far as the eye can see to the faraway Alps. Let us guide you on the most beautiful paths, past timeless villages, medieval towers and ancient castles: from the unmissable itineraries in the Langhe and the secret streets of Monferrato, to the suggestive scenery of the Roero and romantic views of the lakes...

Bike tours

Ride through this unique and wonderful land, with its enchanting and uninterrupted landscape, where your gaze sweeps from the vineyards planted as far as the eye can see to the faraway Alps. Let us guide you on the most beautiful paths, past timeless villages, medieval towers and ancient castles: from the unmissable itineraries in the Langhe and the secret streets of Monferrato, to the suggestive scenery of the Roero and romantic views of the lakes ...Mountain biking, racing or electric bikes? You choose!

E-bike tours

Don’t like the climbs? Choose an e-bike, relax and enjoy the trip.

Any given Sunday

What self-respecting Italian would ever question the sacrosanct Sunday Lunch? That's right, nobody. Experience genuine Piedmontese hospitality by taking part in an authentic family lunch. 100% satisfied and full, guaranteed!

Vespa tours on Unesco hills

That Oscar won in 1953 by Hepburn for "Roman Holiday" should have gone to the Vespa! While Gregory Peck courted Hepburn, the whole world fell in love with the other Lady. Freedom, light-heartedness, adventure, fun; when you ride a Vespa you are doing so much more than moving... Because the Vespa is not a scooter, the Vespa is the Vespa. Explore the extraordinary landscapes of the UNESCO Hills on the most beloved two-wheeled bike in the world.

Classic car tours

Beautiful, fascinating and so very Italian … Indulge in a unique experience driving a wonderful vintage Spider. Enjoy the wind in your hair, every curve and every hill, and you won’t miss a thing! Mountains, lakes, hills or cities of art? Set off to discover the most beautiful corners of Piedmont. We have selected for you the most scenic roads, the most captivating places, the visits not to be missed, and the best restaurants and wineries in the area.

Cooking class

Discover the roots of the local food and wine culture: theory and practice combined in an exciting cooking course to get to know and taste traditional recipes, prepared directly with your own hands. Tajarin, Ravioli al Plin, Vitello Tonnato, to name just a few of the dishes you can learn and repeat at home, savoring the memory of your experience in Piedmont each time.

Your bouquet at the flower farm

Rediscover a connection with nature and experience the beauty of flowers through the five senses. A unique opportunity to visit a real "Flower Farm" where you will collect them and create your own composition of organic flowers following the advice of an expert grower and floral designer. Discover a new world, unleash your creativity, have fun and create a fantastic natural bouquet to take home with you!

Villages, castles & museums

Piedmont is a land of ancient traditions, history and culture, dotted with noble castles and romantic villages. Breathe history and travel through time to discover the most beautiful, curious and interesting sites in the area.

A day with Marco - Secret passageways and places of the heart

“The most interesting encounters and experiences in my life have happened almost by chance. A simple conversation over coffee or a pleasant chat in the piazza can lead to unexpected adventures and genuine relationships. Perhaps it is because I have always loved meeting new people, exchanging ideas and sharing special moments. Or perhaps it is because chance is never really just ‘chance’. We are drawn to others with the same dreams of a good life, and we recognise when our meeting is an opportunity to experience something new and surprising. Imagine a lonely olive tree hidden deep in the woods ... a swing on a large branch overlooking a panorama of boundless beauty ... an old ruin on top of the hill enticing you to imagine what it could become... a glass of wine at a friend’s place or a visit to see what my mother is cooking today! So what about a coffee in the piazza and we venture into the hills? It doesn’t matter which path we take, they all lead to an extraordinary day of memories, excitement and surprise if your heart is open and your mind is clear! Yes, we call them surprises, yet we didn't expect anything else. "

Marco Colucci
founder, dreamer and full-time explorer @ Landmade

Relax in a SPA

Ancient rituals merge with today's medical knowledge to restore balance and harmony in the body and mind, but this is now well known. What you may not know is that Piedmont has some of the most beautiful and exclusive spas, found in enchanting structures and unparalleled natural locations. Take a regenerating break and choose the experience that best suits you.

Nature Yoga

Practicing yoga in the open air allows you to feel the embrace of nature, listen to the breath of the Earth and reconnect with your deepest self. Take part in a Hatha or Vinyasa practice in nature to raise awareness of the continuity between yoga, space and time, while also discovering some of the most scenic places in Langhe and Roero.

Try a little mindfulness

Lying on the spa bed, we suddenly remember the bill on the table yet to be paid. Walking in the woods, the discussion we must face when we return to the office comes to mind. Eating in the restaurant, in a moment of silence, thoughts fly to the thousand tasks waiting for our attention. They are natural thoughts, but they generate anxiety. And they tire us as we expend mental energy analysing the past and trying to imagine the future. It all takes us away from the pleasure of the present and the possibility of being more creative and receptive. Experience deep contact with yourself and total awareness in a meditative practice led by a Mindfulness professional.

Starred restaurants

Spoil yourself with an extraordinary gastronomic experience in a unique land. Here food is art; it is inspiration and it is madness! But above all it is love and passion.  So much attention to detail and only the most perfect ingredients. The prestigious Michelin guide places Piedmont in second position amongst all Italian regions with 46 starred restaurants, basically... a constellation! Ah yes, then there is Enrico Crippa with his Piazza Duomo in Alba. Here there are three stars, the top of the top.


Chocolate and nougat artisan factory

What if that chocolate factory really existed? Don’t just wonder, join us and discover one of our favorite places. A charming Art Nouveau building in an historic old town; characteristic atmosphere and technologies of the past, sugar paper and colored boxes. An amazing array of nougats, giandujotti, cri-cri, creams, pralines, breadsticks covered with chocolate... What will you taste?

Hazelnut Piemonte IGP: from field to table

Explore the entire production process from hazelnut trees, to shelling and toasting, to the creation of exquisite artisan desserts. Discover the unexpected complexity of the "best hazelnut in the world" and then enjoy it in all its forms in an original themed lunch with the producer.

Picnic with a view

Imagine an exceptional view of castles, villages and vineyards. Add the best of local food and wine, relax and take the perfect break!

Hot-air balloon ride

What sensation do you feel? That’s the feeling of floating through the sky. Like a cloud rising and drifting on an unseen wind, you are light and free. The hot-air balloon is the romantic dream from a time when inventions were creations of the imagination, made purely for the experience of joy. Give yourself a unique emotion, an unusual perspective and a fantastic 360° panorama of the World Heritage Hills.

Foraging - Nature & wild food

Learn to recognize, collect and cook natural herbs, flowers and fruits. Hops, Elderberry, Pimpinella, Thyme, Horsetail, to name just a few. The surprising ingredients that nature offers us are many, and thanks to foraging they can be turned into healthy and tasty dishes or used in the preparation of liqueurs, cosmetics, oils and ointments. Enjoy a relaxing outdoor walk and learn to practice the art of foraging safely, sustainably and with full respect for nature.

Natural soap workshop

Creating natural soap is a beautiful, educational and fun experience. Learn the art of artisan saponification with olive oil and essential oils: an engaging activity that is good for the skin, the environment and the spirit. The workshop takes place in a building dating back to the early 1900s with a marvelous view of the hills and the whole Alpine area. A special place where you can relax between one soap and another!

Create your own perfume

Dive into the history of perfume and become intoxicated with the aroma of herbs, spices, oils and infusions. Choose your favorite essences, juggling beakers, droppers, funnels, coffee beans... and create the perfect perfume to take home with you.

Meet the locals

Food and wine, sports, music, art, culture, folklore... There is something for everyone! Visit the dedicated section, choose your favorite event and live a true 'local' experience!

Milk shapes

From milk to cheese: visit a traditional dairy to learn all the secrets of dairy art. Savor the slowness of life in the pastures and a memorable lunch with the cheesemaker.

Historic rice farm

The plains of Vercelli are historically devoted to the cultivation of rice. Immense bodies of water create the magical and enchanting landscape of the "Checkered Sea". But it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to visit a rice mill with over 600 years of history! Discover the great Piedmontese rice tradition and visit a wonderful estate where all stages of production take place in situ, from work in the fields to milling and packaging. What? Is it already time for lunch? No problem, we have the right address for you.

Ice cream workshop

Do you know the difference between an ice cream and a sorbet? Do you know what a refractometer is for? A master ice cream maker will show you all the steps for preparing homemade ice cream, with the flavors of creams or seasonal fruit. Discover the art of ice cream and finally taste an excellent ice cream prepared with your own hands!

Giandujotto workshop

Learn the art of master chocolatiers in the city of chocolate par excellence. Take part in an exclusive workshop of taste to create with your own hands the Giandujotto, emblem of the finest Piedmontese confectionery art and Turin's most loved chocolate.

Honey workshop

Get closer to the fascinating world of bees and discover all the secrets "from flower to honey" with a professional beekeeper. Admire the extraordinary life in the hives and appreciate all the phases from honey extraction through to packaging. And of course, tasting!

Mortar & pesto workshop

Pesto, Genoa, Liguria, a long history. To really understand how the authenticity of this excellent sauce, known throughout the world, has been preserved, you must venture into the alleys of the ‘Superba’. Here in the kitchens are the jealously guarded recipes handed down through generations. And each recipe is always better than that of the neighbor! Traditionally worked in a mortar - in order not to lose any of the aromas that are released in its careful preparation - pesto is like the philosopher's stone that turns everything it touches into gold: lasagna, linguine, gnocchi, testaroli, trofie...
Finally, all that is left to do is sit at the table in front of a plate of steaming "trenette n.13" enriched by the unmistakable flavor of this particular condiment, a gastronomic reflection of an equally unique territory and its people. It must be tasted to be believed!

Grappa: evolution & revolution

However you look at it, the history of Grappa is tied to tradition, to the land and to the people. It's a waste product that became a national liqueur, even smuggled as a "distillate of courage" for soldiers at the front! Grappa, part of the history of the country, is now experiencing a new chapter in its life thanks to the new distillation technologies and the scrupulous selection of raw materials. But what is Grappa? When was it born? How do you distill it? Is the vintage important? Young, aged, flavored, elegant, refined, sentimental: these are today's Grappas. Each stage is an adventure into the magical world populated by stills and today’s "alchemists”.

Themed tours of Turin

Roman, Medieval, Baroque, Bizarre, Gourmet, Musical, Secret, Magic, Underground ... Turin is a city of a thousand souls. Which one would you like to discover?

Kayak on lake Orta

Discover the most curious and romantic corners of Lake Orta from the water. Surrounded by wonderful landscapes and picturesque villages, the lake is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for writers, painters and movie directors. Calm and clean waters, flower gardens, villas and period buildings: the perfect place to relax and enjoy these magnificent views is from a kayak, your own private floating island.

Helicopter flight

An exciting panoramic helicopter flight over the World Heritage Hills, from which to admire timeless villages, medieval towers and ancient castles scattered through majestic expanses of vineyards beautifully sculpted by the tireless work of men and women. By the way, you may even choose to land directly in one of the most prestigious wineries in the area!

Vermouth workshop

Wine, sugar, herbs and imagination: become a "vermuttiere" for a day in this fun and interactive journey to discover the historic Piedmontese artisan liqueur.

The art of lutherie

Visit an artisan workshop and discover the extraordinary craft of the luthier. Art, carpentry and restoration are intertwined with an authentic passion for musical instruments. Among stalls full of tools and, hanging violins, with the scent of wooden aromas and rhythmic notes of the saws, watch the master luthier turn raw wood into the perfect instrument.

Underground Alba

The medieval city rose on the remains of the Roman one. The modern one took its place without completely erasing it, and so on, up to the current city. From the last two thousand years of city history, much has remained in the belly of the subsoil: the ancient temple, the Roman theater and forum, the medieval towers... Explore the underground foundations of the capital of the Langhe in the company of a professional archaeologist.

Jewish Piedmont

The Jewish artistic heritage in Italy has had an uninterrupted presence for over two thousand years. Few other parts of Italy, or even Europe, can boast such a vast and varied range of Jewish cultural sites as Piedmont. In addition to Turin, another dozen cities host ancient ghettos, museums, cemeteries and synagogues. Large or small, imposing or hidden, you can follow the trail to reconstruct the lives and events of a people who have never stopped fighting for their survival. Visiting these places you will be struck by the spirituality and art, faith and harmony, charm and great beauty.

Langa organic flour mill

Visit an historic mill, built largely of wood, and discover the work of four generations of millers. The cultivation of endangered ingredients along with artisanal processing methods enhance the qualities of the flours, giving rise to a very high-quality product.

Nature run

Running in nature is one of the most beautiful athletic expressions, as well as being excellent training for body, mind and spirit. Trails, fields and cart tracks... Breathing deeply through the woods and vineyards. It's the perfect opportunity to "unplug" and regenerate by absorbing the rhythms, scents and extraordinary panoramas of Langhe and Roero. If you then add the stories, products and love of those who animate this land, you’ll discover everything to live a unique experience of well-being in perfect harmony with the environment.

Photography workshop

Description coming soon.

Slow Food story

Description coming soon.

Grill Bill vol. 1 - country barbecue

Heat the grills and prepare the forks, because it's barbecue time! Yes, it is difficult to resist the primordial charm of the grill. That certain scent in the air is all we need. And what better opportunity to enjoy the best of the area than with a fantastic panoramic BBQ in the hills? Location, food, spices, charcoal... we provide you with everything you need. All need to do is grill!

Grill Bill vol. 2 - red-hot grills at your service

Do you crave a nice barbecue but prefer to enjoy the experience in total relaxation? No problem, our chefs will be at your service to prepare a perfect barbecue!

Landmade travel workshop

Description coming soon.

Horseback riding in the Unesco hills

The horse reflects a perfect balance between humans and the environment by influencing our well-being and establishing an authentic and profound connection with nature. And horseback riding is a pleasure that everyone could and should experience: from the most experienced, who can enjoy challenging routes and more sustained gaits, to beginners, who will thrill at a simple one-hour walk at an easy pace.  In Piedmont, extraordinary landscapes, excellent cuisine and an ancient horse culture rooted in the territory are combined. The great variety of environments and landscapes, from the plains to the Alps, make it particularly suited for splendid excursions on horseback through immense expanses of vineyards, hills, woods, gullies, paths, parks, nature reserves, medieval villages and castles, always in very close contact with nature and away from large inhabited centers. Set off on a memorable horseback riding tour  in the Unesco hills with family, children or friends, and discover the naturalistic and landscape beauties of Piedmont at a different pace.

"Mini" cooking class

Description coming soon.

Gourmet treasure hunt

Tasty secrets are hidden along the narrow streets and ancient squares of the historic centers, but to discover them you need intuition, imagination and an instinct for flavour. The clues come fast in this exciting journey through shops, clubs, museums and private homes, where curiosities, surprises, challenges but above all many tastings and the best of Piedmontese food and wine await you. From neighborhood to neighborhood or from town to town? On foot, by bicycle, on a Vespa or in a convertible? The important thing is that it is gourmet!

Go kart!

Description coming soon.

Creative writing workshop

Description coming soon.

Local markets

Every day, in a timeless ritual, the bright stalls of the markets animate the squares of local villages and towns bringing a concentration of flavors, colors and local traditions. And anyone who really wants to know the customs and traditions of a region must visit a market to breathe its everyday life and its most authentic soul. The market is the foundation of local food and wine, where you can find the freshest and most genuine food products of the area. But not only that, depending on the location and the season, you can find everything: clothes, cosmetics, household products, records, toys, local crafts, flowers, ceramics, fabrics, books, prints, objects of antiques and collectibles. Have fun browsing the stalls of the characteristic Piedmontese neighborhood markets like a true 'local’!

Play with clay

Description coming soon.

Artisan Piedmontese breweries

In an area where the tradition of wine is deeply rooted, brewing beer is a true revolution. Visit the best breweries and discover the fine craft beers which reflect the extraordinary wealth of Piedmontese agri-food traditions, produced using typical local ingredients interpreted with wisdom and creativity by our master brewers.

Team building & incentives

Strengthen the bonds within a work group, build alignment with your company strategy, increase productivity levels, reward a team for the goals achieved or reward your most loyal customers. Whatever the goal, we will help you organize the perfect event for your company.  Gourmet, Action, Urban Game, Creative Team Building and much more. We propose original and engaging initiatives that will stimulate the physical, cognitive, relationship and emotional engagement of the participants with strong educational and / or experiential components. From the careful selection of locations to finely tuned logistical planning, we coordinate every detail with the aim of maximizing results and making each event unique.

River rafting

Imagine the lush nature of an unspoiled valley, a crystal clean watercourse and the unique thrill of paddling between gorges and sparkling rapids. On special unsinkable and self-emptying inflatable boats you can safely ride the fresh waters of the river without giving up the buzz of adrenaline and guaranteed fun!

Canyoning in the alpine valleys

Very fun and highly exciting, this activity involves walking above, beside and within the streams, allowing you to admire the mountain world from a unique and spectacular perspective. No special training and no technical knowledge are required and it is possible to choose from numerous routes of varying difficulty. The only indispensable requirement is to know how to swim.  Jumps, slides, natural pools, waterfalls and toboggans carved into the rock by the ancient flow of water... Of all the outdoor water activities, canyoning is perhaps the one that offers the greatest physical connection with the landscape.

Pizza connection

When someone asks "should we eat a pizza?" they definitely want to be in company and share a special moment. Every occasion is good: a birthday, an evening with friends, a movie or a post-game celebration. And in the end it is always the perfect alternative to anything else we had in mind. But have you ever thought about a 'pizza night' together? In one of the best pizzerias in the area, at our house or in the hills: the simple path to happiness is a pizza!

Vie ferrate of Piedmont

To enjoy the magnificent spectacle that the Piedmont mountains can offer, it is not necessary to be an extreme sports professional: there are countless routes with varying levels of difficulty offering everyone an exciting adventure in complete safety. The Vie Ferrate are mountain paths equipped with metal cables, ladders and walkways that facilitate progression, allowing even the least experienced of walking along rocky ledges, climbing walls and reaching peaks. A fantastic blend of nature, history and culture, this experience offers wonderful views, breathtaking landscapes and strong emotions to any hiker wishing to get closer to the mountain and feel a dose of adrenaline, but always in total safety!

Trekking by night

Start your walk at sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon and the forest is preparing for the night. Trees filter the last rays of the sun and as the path grows darker, your senses will come alive. Feel the warm embrace of nature and find yourself in a totally new, intoxicating and adventurous world. Places you know so well, that hide no secrets during the day, are transformed at night. Paths winding through the woods dotted with fireflies, clearings illuminated by a carpet of stars, nocturnal birds of prey perched on trees.  Night trekking is an extremely intimate and engaging, multisensory and curious experience. Enjoy views bathed by moonlight and perceive the environment with different senses. Especially when the real star is you!


Is it possible to implement farming methods that respect the environment and are in total harmony with nature? The answer is yes and this can happen thanks to the synergistic vegetable garden. Minimum tillage, no chemical fertilizer, no weeding and no monoculture. The synergistic vegetable garden is in fact based on the concept of synergy between the different plants, where one collaborates for the well-being of the other, in a perfect state of balance and symbiosis. Interesting, isn’t it? And to think that this is just the beginning. Discover the world of synergistic agriculture in company of an expert grower.


Quarelli's Art Park

The history of this place can be traced to the mid-70s when Anselmo Basso and Marianna Giordano, intuitive collectors who were seduced by the expressive power of contemporary art, began to buy works of art by famous artists as well as by unknowns. They did so with no plan and no intention to ​​speculate, just a passion for the diversity they discovered. Their "landscape of art" is overrun with these works, and many artists - then as now - experience the house and the park as a space for research, planning and creation. They work in harmony with a majestic landscape, that of the Langhe, full of of history, anthropological memory and culture. The combination of art and nature that emerges here is magical and evocative: an exhibition story exploring the nature of the humans to shape and transform the world in which we live. Structured as an open air exhibition space with an area of ​​30 hectares and 63 installations, the Quarelli is today considered the most important park of sculptural art in the country.

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