The true hero of Landmade is the land itself. Its soulful beauty has been touched lightly by generations of custodians whose lives have been shaped as much by the land, as this land has been shaped by them. Winemakers, hunters and farmers, kings, artists and inventors, each has played a role by enhancing the rich natural tapestry that reaches from high snow-capped mountains, across rolling hills, along river valleys and into medieval hilltop villages.

At Landmade we continue this spirit of gentle partnership with our land. We let it guide us, surprise us and enrich us with its timeless wisdom.
When we design an experience for you, it is inspired by the land and by the traditions and the history of its people.
We invite you to join us and form your own deep personal relationship with Piedmont.

Marco Colucci

Founder, dreamer and
full-time explorer

Gloria Zucchi

Digital designer, insider and serial hiker,
to her friends 'Sugar'

Alessandra Castelli

Yoga teacher, sportaholic and
super Landmate

“As a boy I wandered freely through vineyards and orchards, exploring every path and learning the secrets of my homeland. After all these years, I continue to discover new surprises and delightful experiences that are even more beautiful when they are shared.”

- Marco -


We believe that tourism & territory can sustain each other and grow in harmony

We believe in touching the land lightly and leaving a small footprint

We believe in honouring the local people, their traditions and their history

We believe in promoting authentic experiences, loved by locals and visitors alike

We believe that the best of this land is accessible to all

We believe in forming genuine relationships built on care and collaboration

We believe in leaving space for unexpected surprises

We believe in exploring with open heart, curious mind and adventurous spirit

We strongly believe in whatever is Landmade.

Corso Italia, 2
12051 Alba (CN)

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