Arrival at the location of the cooking class in Alba or surroundings.

09:00 | Guided excursion with wild foraging session in nature or in a self-sustaining organic vegetable garden.

◊ The term foraging refers to the practice of collecting, without damaging nature, the wild food that grows spontaneously in the local area for use in the kitchen. Herbs, flowers, berries, fruits, leaves and roots, such as Dandelion, Hops, Elderberry, Pimpinella, Thyme, Horsetail, to name just a few. The surprising ingredients that nature offers us are many and thanks to foraging they can be turned into healthy and tasty dishes or used in the preparation of liqueurs, cosmetics, oils and ointments.

◊ Self-sustaining organic agriculture, also called "agriculture of not doing", represents an innovative agricultural model based on four fundamental principles: minimum tillage, since the land, in part, works by itself through the penetration of the roots and the activity of microorganisms, insects, earthworms and other small animals; no chemical fertilizer, supporting the soil only with substances that both favor its natural defenses, preserve and increase its fertility; no weeding, because unwanted herbs, if controlled but not completely eliminated, can become the habitat of friendly species and act as a "lightning rod" for harmful ones; no monoculture, since if nature is allowed to express itself in all its forms it will tend to develop balance between species.

11:00 | Private themed ‘hands-on’ cooking class with professional Chef.

The course includes dishes prepared with wild ingredients collected in nature or in the vegetable garden.

If desired, possibility of replacing the cooking course with an extended foraging excursion.

13:00 | Final tasting-lunch (dishes prepared, drinks included).

Panoramic tour of the Roero Hills.

Suggested itinerary provided by Landmade based on the period/day chosen, to be carried out with own car.

16:00 | Visit to a selected organic winery of the Roero area with introduction in the vineyards and tasting.

The Roero inhabits the left bank of the Tanaro river where the land is at its wildest and most indomitable.  Here, where the slopes are at their steepest and the soils look poor, is where biodiversity is still alive. The vines live in harmony amongst other organisms, sharing their benefits with each other. It might appear more disorganized and disordered to the eye, but it is more whole and authentic in the glass. The wine landscape is also enhanced by two particularly distinctive elements of the Roero, the “Rocche” and the “Ciabot”, natural formations and traditional rural architecture which together give rise to panoramas of rare beauty.

18:00 | Departure.

The above program is a general preview for guidance purposes. When booking is confirmed, a detailed program with all the necessary information will be provided: addresses, phone numbers, timetables, notes, suggestions and further information for the best enjoyment of the experience.

Corso Italia, 2
12051 Alba (CN)

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